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Is Christianity So Simple We Are Missing It?

Naaman got a surprise.

Naaman was a great man. He was the commander of the military in Aram. But Naaman had leprosy, a dreaded skin disease in the ancient world.

His surprise started with a young Jewish girl. She was taken captive in the battles between Aram and Israel and brought into Naaman’s home to serve his wife.

The girl told Naaman’s wife that a prophet in Israel had the power to heal Naaman. Her testimony convinced the great military leader to take a large sum of money and go seek a meeting with this prophet.

Naaman went and found the prophet in Israel. His name was Elisha. Naaman expected the prophet to come out and say an impressive prayer, calling on the power of heaven to heal his body, making mysterious motions with his hands, and so forth.

Instead of putting on a ‘show,’ the Prophet Elisha merely sent the great military man a simple message. Naaman was to go and wash himself seven times in the Jordan River. This would bring the healing that he desired.

The great Naaman was offended by the Prophet Elisha’s message. The prophet’s advice was too simple. The military man turned to leave in a huff.

Fortunately for Naaman, he had some smart servants. They asked, “If the prophet had told you to do some great thing, would you not have done it?” Why not do the simple thing he asks?

Naaman saw the wisdom in their advice. He went and dipped himself in the Jordan seven times, as the prophet had instructed. When he did, his flesh was restored. He was healed!

By requiring such a simple act of obedience from Naaman, Elisha focused attention on God’s miraculous power for healing the great military man. God got the credit, not Naaman, not even Elisha.

We live in a nation that is seen by all the world as great and powerful, but our land is afflicted with a deadly spiritual illness. Darkness is closing in. The light of truth is resisted and rejected.

We have heard that there is a God in heaven who can heal our country, heal the people and the communities and the families. He can bring truth and love and wholeness despite the terrible conditions we see all around.

We have gone and met with God, asking him to display his healing power in our land. But his prescription sounds too simple.

If God asked us to start a political party or a social movement and take back the White House, the Congress, the Courts, we would have understood. If God asked us to organize and be active to protect the textbooks in our schools and restore the definition of marriage in our states, we would have understood.

The list of things that need attention is so long! It is overwhelming to consider. Where should we start? What is our priority? What has the Lord asked us to do?

Our Prophet, Priest, and King Jesus has instructed us to open our mouths and be a witness about him and his great salvation. The last words Jesus said to his disciples before returning to the Father in heaven: You will be my witnesses!

It sounds too simple. Tell people about Jesus? How can that make things better?

Instead of trying to convince my readers that the Lord knows what he is doing, I will simply make a suggestion: Let’s try it God’s way.

May God give us the heart to share Jesus,

Brother Richard

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