God’s Design For Family

A report issued by experts claimed that many people were engaged in sex outside of marriage.  A generation took the ideas in that report to heart and decided that traditional ideas about family, marriage, and sex were outdated.  They insisted on ‘free love.’  Later everyone learned that the reports about sexual behavior were not very scientific.  In other words, the so-called experts had lied.  But it was too late.  ‘Free love’ had arrived.

Unfortunately, ‘free love’ resulted in too many unwanted babies.  But experts claimed that unborn babies were nothing more than troublesome blobs of tissue.  Women had the right, they said, to remove unnecessary tissue from their bodies.  This solved the ‘free love’ problem.  Unwanted pregnancies were simply terminated—by the tens of millions.

But people discovered that they wanted children.  Lack of sexual commitment, however, destroys families.  ‘Free love’ resulted in an explosion in the number of marriages that ended in divorce.  Kids from broken families struggled with deep feelings of insecurity and abandonment.  And parents were getting loaded down with dark feelings of guilt.  The experts were standing by once again with a solution: simply redefine marriage and family—change the definition of what is good and acceptable.

Everyone has a right, we are being told, to define marriage as they see fit.  Limiting marriage to one man and one woman is denying people their constitutional rights, supposedly.  This argument is designed to paint supporters of biblical marriage as oppressors.  This is no surprise since supporters of ‘alternative’ forms of family and marriage often claim that traditional families are oppressive to women and children.

So the battle to define (or destroy) family rages on.  Who would have imagined that ‘free love’ would result in so many murdered babies and dysfunctional families?  Who knows what horrible social destruction would be caused by allowing ‘gay marriage’ to take hold and multiply?  When will our society learn that these so-called experts are leading us deeper into disaster?

Sadly, ‘gay marriage’ is not the last enemy of the family.  Waiting in the shadows are those who wish to reduce or abolish the age of consent.  Once again, children are at greatest risk, as they always are in these horrible social experiments.  And the experts will be ready with quick answers to soothe the consciences of those who step into their trap.

The experts lied about sexual behavior, they lied about unborn babies, they lied about divorce, and they are lying about ‘gay marriage.’  Why are these destructive distortions about family met with such eager acceptance?  Because the rebellious heart wants God to be proven wrong.  The battle for family is not a contest between tradition and progress, it is a conflict between Truth and deception.

What should we do?  First and foremost, live according to God’s Word.  Despite past mistakes, commit yourself to God’s design for family: one man and one woman committed to each other for a lifetime, committed to raising their children together.  Second, pray for God’s Spirit to move in a mighty way, to renew a spirit of love for Truth throughout our land.  And third, make your voice heard.  Do not be intimidated into silence.  Speak the truth in love.

May God’s Holy Spirit save and strengthen our families now,

Brother Richard Foster, Pastor
Grace Baptist Church, Camden, AR

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