Thanks to God for a Great Local Church Family

Dear Church Family,

Thank you, Church, for your many expressions of love and concern for Karen and me during a difficult time. You are a blessing!

On Friday, February 12, Karen and I were in the Camden ER. She was being admitted for a minor procedure related to her paralysis. They tested her for COVID. We did not learn until Sunday afternoon that she was positive.

Karen had the procedure Monday and was released. I brought her home and she is recovering. Her symptoms from COVID have been very mild, praise the Lord!

Meanwhile, on Sunday February 14, I woke up with a fever. I was tested for COVID Tuesday the 16th and subsequently informed that I, too, was positive. Unfortunately, my symptoms have not been as minor.

Our circumstances have tempted us to despair at times, but we have been encouraged by God’s presence and by you.

The meals and supplies you bring are a big help for us. The contacts you make give us a sense of connection that is valuable beyond measure. Each time I have cried out to God for help, one of you has appeared. You are angels from the Lord for us.

At times like these, the words of the Psalmist resonate in my soul:

To the LORD I cry aloud, and he answers me from his holy hill. Selah
I lie down and sleep; I awake again, because the LORD sustains me. (Psalm 3:4-5, NIV)

We look forward to worshiping, serving, and fellowshipping with you again soon.

May God keep us together and enable us to grow and to serve him faithfully,

Brother Richard

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